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 Pétition de Nadia Donato pour les droits des animaux.

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MessageSujet: Pétition de Nadia Donato pour les droits des animaux.   Mer 21 Nov - 23:38

D'après ce que j'ai pu comprendre du texte en anglais:

En octobre dernier les autorités de la ville portoricaine de Barceloneta, dans le cadre d'un programme gouvernemental de régulation des animaux, ont pénétré chez des gens ayant recueilli des animaux chez eux(chiens et chats.) Ils les ont ensuite emmenés et jetés du haut d'un pont pour les tuer et ainsi "réguler la population des animaux domestiques"

ça peut paraître invraisemblable mais c'est malheureusement vrai.

Pour ceux qui préfèrent lire directement l'original:

Citation :

Care2 Member Mobilizes Thousands to Protect Animal Rights

It was Friday, October 12, 2007 when animal control workers seized dozens of pets from housing projects in the town of Barceloneta, Puerto Rico. They told pet owners their dogs and cats were to be taken to a shelter. But instead, they hurled them from a bridge to their deaths. Upon reading the news about the horrific pet massacre, Nadia Donato decided to create an online petition.
Care2 member Nadia Donato
"We are lucky to have a venue like Care2 where we can raise awareness, discuss and plan action steps to fight animal cruelty cases."

Nadia, a Care2 member from New York, told us this was the most horrific story she had come across in a long time. “The taking of over 80 innocent pets’ lives in such a barbaric manner and the violation of civil rights against the poor-- breaking into their homes as if it were a drug raid; and, especially that this atrocity was government sanctioned makes this case beyond outrageous!”

“I thought of how those poor innocent pets felt when they were viciously taken away from their families, rounded up and tossed over a bridge. How scared they must’ve felt as they fell to their deaths. Thinking about it still drives me to tears. I can’t begin to imagine how their human companions felt. How traumatic it must have been for them, especially the children,” she added.

Nadia was so outraged by the events occurred in Puerto Rico that not only did she create the petition, but began to promote it by reaching out to her Care2 friends and posting the petition in different Care2 groups and other websites. Then she contacted local animal advocacy groups in Puerto Rico and worked her way to the major organizations.

Her petition had a signature goal of 1,000, but to her surprise it reached 6,000 signatures in less than a week. The petition generated so much attention that the Associated Press (AP) took notice and a reporter contacted Nadia for an interview. After the AP story was published, more news media picked up on it and covered the petition. Most of them included the link to the petition, which lead to more signatures.

On Sunday October 21, hundreds joined a march in San Juan to protest the pet massacre and, according to media reports, Puerto Rican authorities have started an investigation into the mass killing of dogs and cats. So far, more than 16,000 people have signed Nadia’s petition.
Care2 member Nadia Donato
Watch Nadia's petition on ABC News »

But this is not enough. Not yet. Nadia is inviting more people to sign the petition because a crime of such barbarity should not go unpunished. “We need to make sure that our outrage is heard from around the world. The government officials of Puerto Rico should know that we are watching this closely and not to take this case lightly. Everyone involved should be brought to justice. Laws against animal cruelty should be enforced; new legislation should be enacted for the welfare of all animals on the island to ensure that this does not happen again."

Nadia’s initiative is an inspiration and speaks to the power of citizens taking action. That is why Nadia has a message for those who think online petitions do not work: "I’m only glad to prove them wrong and add my petition to the list of many that have made a difference. Regardless of what the outcome of Puerto Rico’s pet massacre case may be, the petition started a movement for animal rights and welfare on the island, which has long been overdue."

It was in the Care2 community that Nadia found out about the pet massacre in Puerto Rico and was able to get support for her petition: "We are lucky to have a venue like Care2 where we can raise awareness, discuss and plan action steps to fight animal cruelty cases such as this. I thank Care2 for giving me the opportunity to meet such wonderful and compassionate people whom I’m honored to call friends.”


Choquée, Nadia Donato, membre new yorkaise de Care2 (le site de pétitions), à donc créé cette pétition que je vous invite à signer ici:

News vue sur USAToday:


c'est vraiment horrible! comment peut-on faire ça?
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MessageSujet: Re: Pétition de Nadia Donato pour les droits des animaux.   Mer 5 Déc - 12:00


Ben oui, c'est déplorable... que dire de plus...
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Pétition de Nadia Donato pour les droits des animaux.
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